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Corporations and Limited Liability Companies

Business Formation

A well thought out plan of incorporation or formation of another business entity is essential to the success of any new business enterprise. There are a host of critical issues which should be addressed in the selection process of the appropriate business entity for your contemplated business. Russell Kerr, P.A. can you assist you in selecting the appropriate business entity for your business or holding company, whether it be a corporation, limited liability company, general partnership, limited partnership, limited liability partnership, joint venture, etc. We can prepare the necessary incorporation/organizational documents for the formation of the business entity.

Shareholder Agreements/Operating Agreements

It is essential for business owners to have well drafted agreement documenting shareholder/member rights and obligations with respect to the business entity, whether it be a shareholder agreement for a corporation, an operating agreement for a limited liability company or partnership agreement for a partnership. Such agreements can provide flexibility in governing and managing the business and reduce the potential for costly litigation by clearly setting forth the rights and obligations of the owners and incorporating a dispute mechanism. Through careful understanding of our clients expectations and objectives, we utilize best practices, to limit potential liability exposure and advise as to business entity selection, ownership agreements, tax structures, etc.

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