Debt Collection Matters

Creditor’s Rights and Collection Law

The law firm of Russell Kerr P.A. practices in the areas of collection and creditor’s rights law in Florida by employing effective and cost efficient collection techniques to achieve maximum recovery of delinquent accounts for our clients, while complying with all applicable local, state and federal laws. Should presuit collection efforts prove ineffective, the law firm of Russell Kerr, P.A. will file suit in state or federal court to collect open accounts, credit card/charge card transactions, automobile loans/deficiencies, consumer loans, etc. Moreover, the law firm of Russell Kerr, P.A. will develop specifically tailored collection recovery strategies in collaboration with the client. We may in our discretion take your debt collection matter on a contingency fees basis after a satisfactory review of the proposed collection accounts. We welcome the opportunity to serve you in such matters.

The law firm of Russell Kerr, P.A. can provide answers to your questions you may have regarding debt collection law and other related matters.

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